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 German Group company for security systems devices in Kuwait and middle east, we are the first Arab company and classify the world’s first level, our company was founded to specialize in all products and geological tools and digital precision technology for the detection of everything, including the detection of gold and minerals and groundwater and construction of measurement and wireless devices and control systems and remote security, and surveillance. Experience, which reach more than 25 years to be the exclusive agents for the biggest German, French, English, American and Russian factories, and even the adoption of direct partnership with global factories and provide all the needs of customers through advanced scientific experiments and as a group of engineers and geologists professionals who are highly trained in the largest factories in the worldThe new opening of the largest showrooms in the Middle EastThe company management has focused on providing all small systems user benefit with a high resolution of up to 99% of all devices and flood systems geological revealed effects, gold and treasures and precious metals, the systems pictorial detection systems, and electromagnetic detection and provide field testing of devices in the hands of engineers and geologists are highly the competence and experience


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The First Company In The Middle East

Sale And Trade Of Scientific Systems And Devices Metal Detectors
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