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X Ray Baggage Scanner 6550

the X-ray 6550 device for the detection of the contents of bags and the search for explosives, weapons, and drugs the device can be used in airports, hotels and train stations in banks in exhibitions and all public and vital places to limit the transfer of weapons hidden in all facts, The X-Ray 6550 serves as an alarm device for any unusual object, weapon or explosives

X RAY Scanner 5030A

Baggage and bags inspection system for luggage and cargo of various sizes, the device is one of the best types of security devices with the quality of imaging and user interface conventions, and it work with reliably, effectively and safely.

X-Ray Baggage Scanner JHN 100100

The JHN 100100 is used for bags Ingredients detection through x-ray analysis, to uncover the inside of the bag without opening it through a 17-inch high-resolution display screen, showing each part of the bag, package or carton. the device is characterized by its ability to penetrate any solid body, and enlarge the image of its inside Ingredients from two to 64 times

X Ray Scanner JH 10080

  • The JH-10080 X-Ray Scanner the airports Cargo and luggage security Detector

  • The JH-10080 Goods and bags X-ray scanner is used at airports and ports for the detection of metals, weapons, and contraband to reduce the smuggling operations

X Ray Baggage Scanner JH8065

  • X-Ray Baggage Scanner JH8065 The latest security inspection device to detect the contents of the bags The JH8065 luggage inspection device features the following characteristics:

  • Alarm through sounds and light alarm by issuing sounds and light when the condition is established

  • The network port can be connected to a local network and support multiple terminals at the same time

  • Radiation protection is automatically controlled to avoid error

X RAY Baggage Scanner JH 5030C

The X-RAY Baggage Scanner JH 5030C the bags inspection device, Used in airports, malls, and government departments to inspect bags and detect weapons and Contrabands

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