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1. Adopted the Android system, support APP application.

2. The whole appearance uses ABS with acrylic material.

3. Can upgrade many functions of alarm capture, video recording, people identification, face recognition, body temperature measurement etc.

4. 10.1 inches Capacitive touch screen


PD 6500

These Security gates are designed with the best global technologies to meet global security requirements. It is designed to speed up traffic and speed inspection and warning and is the preferred choice for safety in all institutions and major international airports.

Super Scanner

  • The super scanner Hand Metal Detector from Garrett is used in airports, markets, hotels and administrative buildings to detect weapons and metal parts.

  • The device features two types of sound alarms and vibrators

Super Wand

  • The Super Wand self-inspection device is a preferred option for security personnel to conduct security screening by hand for detecting metals and weapons

  • It is used in government bodies, markets, prisons, hotels, etc. to detect various kinds of weapons


Tactical Is the most powerful metal detector in the market. With a highly sensitive 360-degree detection area and a silent alarm vibrating indicator, THD is the ideal metal detector for all law enforcement operations. It is also particularly effective for use in schools, universities, clubs, and corporate security.

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